Friday, July 30, 2010

ETF Prophet

All future posts will be landed at ETF Prophet. I believe that sharing my tactical technical analysis in this format will provide readers with a more robust view of the markets, while at the same time availing them of a wider universe of market perspectives.

ETF Prophet is actually a community of 7 active trader/quants using diverse methodologies and trading a variety of vehicles including S&P futures, FX, options and stocks/ETFs.

As we progress with the refinement of the site we plan to offer some unique metrics and trading algorithms that will benefit both daytraders and swing traders in these rapidly evolving markets. Also under development . . access to an institutional algo trading account for our members. While many of our site services will be provided gratis, we plan to launch a number of fee-based advisory services including Project Z signals for a variety of ETFs and a unique suite of benchmarked rotation models designed to generate gains regardless of market direction.

The archives of this blog will remain intact for those wishing to review earlier posts.

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quickturtle said...

Thanks for keeping blog intact and I'll follow you and the crew at