Friday, September 28, 2007

Strange goings-on down under

Dr.Brett is off to the land of kangaroos, dingos, great whites, Mad Max, Steve Irwin and other cool stuff to help our Aussie brethren in their quest for trading success. There certainty can be no better ambassador for the cause and I enthusiastically support his efforts to share the wealth of information and inspiration which he so uniquely offers.
I have often wondered what cultural differences mark the Australians and in an effort to educate me an alert reader has brought the following news item from Brisbane to my attention:

Thief rips off woman's underpants in public
By Robyn Ironside and Ursula Heger
September 26, 2007 01:00am
Article from:

DETECTIVES are baffled by a brazen daylight attack at Newmarket, in Brisbane's inner north on Monday, in which a woman had her underpants ripped off and bag stolen.
"It's pretty strange. I haven't heard anything like it before," Det-Sen-Sgt Brad Rix said.
He said the 23-year-old was grabbed from behind as she walked home from Newmarket train station about 4.30pm (AEST).
The offender then lifted her dress up, and pulled off her underpants before grabbing her bag and taking off.
"It was absolute daylight, not far from a train station. This person must have felt sure he was going to get away with it," Det-Sen-Sgt Rix said. He said there was no attempt to sexually assault the woman, who did not realise her bag had been stolen until some time later.
"It's possible he may have stolen her underpants as a trophy, or perhaps he intended taking the attack further. We don't know," he said.
I can only imagine the underpants scene from Zoolander.

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