Wednesday, August 27, 2008

3 Day Low code clarification

I want to correct a miss-statement I made in the original 3 Day Low code post.
I indicated that
If Close =LowestFC(close, Len1)
returns the lowest low over the period Len 1. That's incorrect.
The commands returns the lowest close over the period Len1.
If Close =LowestFC(low, Len1)
returns the lowest low over period Len1.
My goal was to return the lowest close, not the lowest low, so the code I posted was what I had intended, I just botched the explanation of what I was trying to accomplish.
Sorry for any confusion to those trying to transpose into alternate platform language.


Cuccaa said...

If you ever go away, I swear, I will come back to haunt you, hahahaha!!! Anyway, being the codeless, clueless SOB I yam, my original intent, was to see what the curve looked like, if you sold after the SPY closed higher than the two previous closes, rather than the two CONSECUTIVE closes, that I guess the coding gave. Wad ever, it appears you are working on it. I'm just about to give up on the Q's, they just don't seem to test out on any daily systems, as well as the IWM or SPY.

bzbtrader said...

Hey Clueless,
Thanks for checking in. I actually am NOT working on the 2 prev closes code, but will jump onto it if it will help. Saw an AP news item that said cows show a statistical preference for aligning themselves on a North/South axis and typically their heads are pointed to magnetic North. Thought of you. Ever notice that with your bovines? (This is the problem with having an enguiring mind).

Cuccaa said...

I read (red???) that same article, it also talked about people who sleep with their head on the north or south side of the room, I'm a south facer, so I'm totally screwed!!

Cuccaa said...

I forgot, NO, I have not noticed that with the Moo Cows, they point in which ever direction their mouth is facing, I would however, venture to guess, that just like horses, they point AWAY from the prevailing wind.