Thursday, January 08, 2009

Some educational links

While we're waiting for the market to find a short term bottom, run over and register for the free Futures magazine I-Trade shows and then login, go to the Presentation Center, and listen to several extended presentations including a 70 minute gem from Larry Williams, founder of the Commitment of Traders reports, wherein Larry lets a few cats out of the bag that he typically charges a few grand to share. Al Brooks also talks about price action setups and Dan Passarelli examines various option strategies relevant to today's volatility. A few other presentations are also available, including FX, depending on your interests. Well worth your time IMHO.
On the recommendation of the Clueless One I've been dinking around the Pristine site for a bit just checking out their offerings, including live options, futures and stocks trading rooms. You can sign up for a free 2 week trial and they do have some nice products to offer, although clearly at a price. They're a local group to me and I've visited their offices a few times to check em' out. Very credible and systematic (not systems traders). Greg Capra's (founder of Pristine) Tools and Tactics for the Master DayTrader is a classic and still very applicable to making money in today's markets. Their daytrading style is a bit too frantic too suit my temperament, but the stock and option plays of the day and week warrant a close look.

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StockHunter said...

Thanks for the links! I'll be sure to check them out soon.