Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekly Update

Nothing stays the same so I've deployed a new weekly update format incorporating the 2 sets of ETF basket Telecharts I previously posted. The settings are as follows:
In the upper window of candlestick prices I've overlaid the MR6 (6 period moving linear regression channel) in white, the VIX in red and the 30,12,30 linear regression channel in orange.
The middle study pane includes the 5,20,3 MACD histogram in blue and 2 moving averages . . . 4 and 7 in blue and white.
The lower study window includes the RSI(2) and the Stochastics 10,2,2.
This new format provides a quicker view of the market pulse and still allows me to pick up butterfly candidates quickly.

The good news for market prognosticators this week was that both the bulls and the bears were correct (in the same day, several times).
The bad news is that an increasing number of stocks look like they're rolling over to the downside and are in danger of kissing the channel goodbye to the downside.

Next week I hope to complete the Qs dirty dozen studies and begin the reformatting of the blog, which will take on a distinctly different look by the end of March, focused on tracking and refining the signals of the IWM and Qs Dirty Dozen.

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