Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Tippy or Toppy

Here's an update of today's daily charts of the VIX and Qs as of 1 hour pre close.
The charts continue with the theme developed last week and offer few technical clues as to likely near term developments.
Overall, the VIX trend continues down while the Qs trend continues up. Today's open provided solid overhead resistance and for those that follow the new daily high counts and low counts, it was obvious that the field is getting thinned with a few notable exceptions such as CIT, AIG and C . . with a modest 1.5 billion shares traded.
The SPX (not shown) has shown a real affinity for the 1000 level for 3 days now and the break up or down is likely to be substantial.
With Thursday providing the greatest historical probability as a pivot high day we may yet see another push up before a fade of substance.
The markets continue to confound mean reversion and counter trend traders and I have no regrets about going to 95% cash last week for my longer term positions.
The one position I'm still holding, GE, continues to melt up although I'm prepared to exit as soon as the upslope trend looks at risk.

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old crow said...

Look at AH 16:01 to close
chart 1 CSCO
chart 2 QQQQ
What a party, bought more QLD