Friday, November 27, 2009

VIXEN Meets Old Crow

It's always gratifying to know that somebody is actually trading the VIXEN setup and one of my loyal readers, Old Crow, has forwarded 2 of his recent forays using his own version of the setup.
As with all my VIXEN posts, Old Crow has shown these trades on the Schwab Street Smart Pro platform.
He uses a few more MAs than I prefer and has turned off the pivot points, but this is what works for him. It's always interesting (to me) to see how different traders adjust my default settings and indicators to create their own unique trigger perspective and risk control signals.
Old Crow uses a number of smoothed MAs, a resident feature of Schwab and has applied the signal line (the moving average component of the MACD) directly on top of the chart in lieu of placing it in a study window.
He retains the parabolics and in the examples posted it's easy to see that the SAR provides a consistently reliable trend reversal signals.

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