Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday - RIG and IBD system updates

You've probably noticed the new "look" of the blog. I found the skinny margins a waste of space and the color scheme was getting boring. Since many of the charts I post have a black background the black blog background should ease the contrast. Let's see how this new format works out.

Above is a daily update of our XLE component system. These results reflect an incremental move of 80 bars and show RIG holding strong while the XLE itself continues to show attractive returns.
Above is the daily update of the IBD 20. For this week IBD has dropped SQM FTI KWK and added MOS GEOI TNH.
As I mentioned yesterday, the negative P/L open positions might be reduced by use of stops.
The above scan reflects the same data set as the first IBD20, but with a 4% stop loss. The use of the stop clearly reduces the overall drawdown, while in multiple cases increases the net gain. The relative performance ranking of the list is effected to a minor degree and the working premise of trading the top 10 as a basket gains some support.

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