Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pivot Impulse Oscillator

This is a continuation of Tuesday's pivot study. Below is the code for a basic version of a PP pivot trend indicator. Since this is for the Qs, I've used 3 & 7 exponential MAs, as this was shown to be a superior pair per last week's MAMA study. In anticipation of your probable comments, I'm going to expand the indicator later to include the 7,14 MA pair in order to make the indicator into a trigger signal.

On the TS chart above I also included plots for the RSI(2) and the MACD(4,16,5)(again, per last week's Qs MACD study), just to show the timing of the Pivot oscillator turns relative to these other indicators that have been shown to be statistically reliable.

Below is the TS2000i coding for the pivot impulse indicator (not a signal). I've morphed the data into a zero line format by subtracting 1 from the moving average ratio as I believe this helps to see the scale of overbought/oversold conditions.


Cucca said...

Thank you very much, I got in into TS, and it WORKS, hahahahaha, miracles happen every day.
So, what the hell do I do with it??

Cucca said...

Never mind, let me guess, long above zero, short under zero, with a disclaimer, IN CONJUCTION WITH ABOUT A HUNDRED OTHER THINGS I WATCH, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!Not bad, I like it, I shall keep an eye on it, I'll post a chart of what it looks like on my platform.

bzbtrader said...

Oh Clueless One,
What to do with it? Look at Friday's post. I did it for you and coverted a streamlined iteration of the signal line into a system. I've got a couple more spins on the signal line coming down the pipe, but they're under wraps until I get a few other loose ends ties up.