Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The GE Jiggle

Good news and bad news on Mondays VXX PDQ long forecast....good news....we did get a nice surge in the VXX early morning.....bad news.... it didn't last. Not to be discouraged, our crack development team is focusing efforts this week on refining stops and exits for the PDQ in order to capture overnight and intraday gains resulting from the Dashboard signals.

Meanwhile, the GE VIXEN continues to serve as the workhorse for the daytrading portfolio and the VIX crosses presented triggers for 3 profitable trades today as shown above.

The 3 trades generated $ .06, .18 and .11 respectively, not a windfall but the total gain of $.35
represented more than the hi-lo spread for the day and as such has to be regarded as successful. One of the problems with daytrading is that win, lose or draw, you're going to be out by the end of the day. GE, (or any other target equity) may have a daily range of a dime, a quarter or a dollar.....you just never know and you have no way of knowing whether the day will be trending or trading range (I prefer the later) so patience is required to take advantage of these setups.

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