Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project Z Update

For those emailing me wondering what happend to Project Z, this is a preliminary run of the SMH component performance in TradeStation 2000i. Keep in mind that this is not the same as the PDQ Dashboard and that my project goal is development of a rotational model based on daily, multiday and weekly bars. Essentially a timing model, Project Z uses a relational algorithm to forecast momentum and strength. Although the Project Z indicator resembles oscillator behavior displayed by the RSI2, the CCI14 and the %R10, this indicator derives its cycle by analyzing a complex set of market metrics in order to identify those basket components in sync and those breaking out or breaking down.
As with many of my previous projects, things tend to take longer than originally expected and various programming glitches along the way have caused me to fall substantially behind schedule. Those who have dabbled in the world of quantitative analytics appreciate the time that minor problem resolution may require and I've had to postpone my typical afternoon naps to try and catch up. Bottom line. . Project Z is not likely to see completion until at least mid February.
In addition, I'm going off grid for a bit testing day trading opportunities with the Project Z indicator on 30 and 60 minute bars. These aren't typical daytrading bar increments but, following my previously voiced arguments for keeping your equity curve growing . . . trade what works.

In case you missed it, Monday was Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

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