Sunday, October 07, 2007

Qs weekly data update

This is an update of the Qs end of quarter weekly performance report begun last week. I've expanded the study field to include 15 years of data (as compared to the original 5 years of data) although both studies are shown.
A couple things to consider here:
Back in 1992 the Qs were $ 7.60 (who said buy and hold didn't work?), so a .28 decline meant a lot more than the current situation, where the price is 7 times higher.
On the other hand, the declines in 2000 look breathtaking until you consider than the Qs were trading for $84 on that Oct 1st.
(1993 -$9, 1994 -$10, 1995 -$14.60, 1996 -$18.65, 1997 -$28, 1998 -$32, 1999 -$60, 2000 -$84, 2001 -$29, 2002-$21, etc . . . )
Regardless of which data set we consider, the developing data field for this year is unique in the outright strength of the Qs. Whether 2007 will be a redux of 1999 remains to be seen, but recent trading has shown that the majority of pullbacks have been treated as buying opportunities and until that pattern reverses I regard the Qs as the most attractive of the major indicies.

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