Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Camp Pendleton Golf

Sorry to get off point.
What's this got to do with trading? Nothing. . . except one of the perks of successful trading is the ability to play some top notch courses, which tend to be pricey. Well, if you're ever in Southern California and are thinking about Torrey Pines, La Costa, Aviara, The Crossings, etc,. save yourself $100 to $150 and play the Marine Memorial Golf Course in Oceanside. Greens fees are $28 and a cart's a few bux more but I like to carry my bag and walk it. Some amazing views and it's kept in absolutely top notch condition. Reserved for ex and current military Friday - Sunday, civilians are welcome Monday - Thursday. 20 minutes East of Oceanside, this gem is completely overlooked, always uncrowded and a golfer's delight. It's actually in the middle of Camp Pendleton, so you have to go through military screening to get on, but it's probably the only golf course you'll ever play where attack helicopters routinely swoop by, tanks can be seen on maneuvers in the distance and 50 cal. machine gun fire and mortar rounds are frequently heard from the firing range a few miles away. Give me a call if you're in town. Let's play a round. I've got a spare set of Callaway's.
Oh yeah, Mulligan's Restaurant (clever name, huh?) is staffed by Marine cooks (they don't call them chefs, Sir!) who will knock you socks off with a variety of items fit for a general and cheaper than MCD.

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GS751 said...

If I am out on the west coast I will check that out. It is important to balance trading with other things too. I go nuts if I spend too much time sitting at a screen.