Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cheaphooker Meets the Qs

I originally mentioned the Cheaphooker system and it's evolution last year. Here's the version that profiles the Qs as part of my on-going this project to complete the Qs Dirty Dozen systems and update the Qs KOP. As mentioned in the original post this system is a bit unusual in that the prime entry signals are triggered by the day of week (1=Monday, 2=Tuesday, etc.). Also, a bit different from the bulk of my system exits, which are at the Close, these positions exit at the Market, which is the next day's open.
As with many of the systems I've profiled recently that have both a long and short side, the short side outperforms the long side. . .in this case significantly so. . .reflecting the negative trend of the market over the backtest period. Trading once a week, with almost equal long and short signals, the long side gains are actually acceptable from my risk/reward criteria, while the short side trades provide exceptionally well. A 17:1 consec win/loss ratio and minimal intraday drawdown are great odds for just selling Thursday's close.
The short term MA filter that triggers the sell strength/buy weakness signals enhances system performance considerably.

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I like who's on your blog-roll. It's the who's who list of investment sites.

bzbtrader said...

Thanks for checking in. I see you left another comment but aol dumped it as spam and I can't retreive it. Sorry.
There are actually lots of other worthy blog sites out there that are valuable resources, dependng on your market focus. I try to focus on the hype-free ones whose pages don't look like billboards of ads and whose content provides me the stimulus for new trading ideas.