Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Latest F&O Trader

Here's the latest from Futures and Options Trader. A great free e-magazine. Sign up for a permanent subscription on line.
This month's feature article is by Ken Wood, otherwise known to thousand of traders worldwide simply as Woodie. A truly humble man with a unique trading setup (he never looks at price).
In this article he reveals some nuances of the "ghost" trade. Well worth a careful read. His CCI 6/14 signals can be mimicked on most platforms by minimizing the price chart and just focusing on a technical study window. For those wanting to know more about Woodie, here's the link to Woodie's Club. He's got multiple live chat/trading rooms depending on your focus, and is the real deal, which I say from personal experience working with him.
Guy Cohen's take on straddles and strangles is also an interesting read as he dissects the pro and cons of these trades and well worth your time if you're exploring alternate revenue streams.


sysin3 said...

BZ, doggone it, now you done flung a cravin' on me to test some CCI stuff ;-)

bzbtrader said...

Also see http://bzbtrader.blogspot.com/2008/07/cci-cucca-popper.html
Inputs have to be reoptimized for current bull run and now it works much better for long trades rather than shorts. The rolling over equity cirve has been a good tell for changing market bias from short to long...