Friday, May 15, 2009

Qs Double 7s Update

Here's an update to my Qs Double 7s system. As with previously reviewed and updated systems, the input variables require some adjustment to reflect the bullish trend over the past 3 months. The new inputs are (4,4,7,6). See the original positing for the TS2000i code. Adjust BUY, SELL order verbiage as required to import into TS8.4.
This relatively simple concept system continues to generate a nice revenue stream with moderate intraday drawdowns. given the short duration of the average trade (3 days), pyramiding has little or no effect, so that option has not been activated and backtested.
Total number of trades for our floating 16 month backtest period is 90, divided perfectly between longs and shorts, a situation that system users will recognize as somewhat unusual.
Performance metrics for the longs versus shorts are within 2 % points, again somewhat unusual and reflective of the robust character of this little market timing model.


EMatz said...

Would love to know your adjustments to the Double 7s for Long and Shorts. Do you use stops. Do you have a Trade Station File you can share


bzbtrader said...

Also, go to the original Jan 29th post for the TS code.