Monday, July 12, 2010

A Little Pause

Monday's markets produced mixed results on thin volume as traders waited out the AA earnings report. After hours prices are up substantially, reflecting AA's positive report and probably looking forward to INTC's Tuesday report.
All of a sudden gold has a stigma and the popular press is making the sign of the cross whenever its stability is mentioned. HEY!. Things change.
Remarkably, virtually all the currencies are in the red although this was the data field at the close and after hours XLE is showing green, perhaps in anticipation of a BP capping success and disposal of assets. Tread lightly on that one IMHO.
The NYAD was upslope most of the day although it closed at a decidedly bearish .55 value.
Finally, as a follow up to last week's comments about a fundamental change in market dynamics induced by HFT, I enclose two ZH links, here and here that may help to clarify some of the issues at hand.
And, for those wanting to try their hand in this new milieu OEC offers a variety of tools for futures traders.

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