Friday, June 22, 2007

For those who missed this quarterly session of the Traders Expo, my opinion is that you didn't miss much. I typically go to the Las Vegas meeting each year and each year attendance is less and less. The number of exhibitors keeps declining and the crowds that were there a few years ago are gone. I walked through the entire show in 15 minutes. Big presence by Schwab, Fidelity and TradeStation. More display monitors than a NASA launch. Most of the marketing emphasis has switched to the option and futures side with a few FX offerings. Autotrade and mechanical systems are the current hot buttons. The usual suspects touting their 500%+ ROI systems that a child can master. You can view most of the presentations on line through the Expo site and with the horrific parking situation and the mind-numbing I-5 traffic from SD to Oceanside this is the no-brainer strategy I will use for future Expos.

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