Thursday, June 28, 2007

Got the Bollinger Band reversal we were expecting. Next stop, 10 day SMA , then 20. End of month and July 4th historical up bias hint that VIX may fall to the 50 day SMA.
Histogram still looks solidly OB.

As with XLE, the Qs went right to support and then reversed. In yesterday's case precisely to R2. The Qs have actually been fairly resilient relative to the rest of the market and probably have a little more juice left in them. Cheap short at 47.85.

And then there's gold, which has really taken a hit lately. NEM and XLE use to track farily close on daily bars, but a significant diverence has developed recently. The logical pairs trade is to short XLE and long NEM until the two get in sync again. Both NEM and ABX showing some strength this am. I like to watch both for alignment. No interest in options.

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