Monday, April 27, 2009

Qs Pivot Bands Update

Here's this week's Pivot Bands update for the Qs and the Pivot Impulse Indicator. After 7 weeks of upslope gains on constricting volatility, the bands have been getting progressively scrunched for the past 4 weeks. The Qs Pivot Impulse indicator (red line) has now reached the .5 resistance level that has held for the last 37 weeks (the duration of my little study) through both bearish and now bullish cycles, so we are once again at a critical make or break juncture. While we may not get a significant retracement this week, the technicals are suggesting at least a temporary rest to let volatility creep back in.
Finally, Vertical Solutions' prognostication for this week. He's been eerily precise for the last month, and if correct, we've very likely already seen the lows for the week......
And, for something completely different here's a 30 minute interview with Meredith Whitney on the US banking system and likely problems yet to be faced. Well worth your time IMHO.

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