Thursday, April 23, 2009

RIMM/VXN Crosses

Here's a little follow-up to my ongoing study of how (or if) the VXN and VIX are useful tools in forecasting at least short term momentum of various stocks and ETFs. RIMM, of course, is one of the more volatile components of the Qs and an integral part of my 3 Finger Lead and Reverse systems. So I thought I'd look at how a high beta stock reacts to VXN crosses....turns out...pretty good. The obvious implication here is to set up a number of these 2 minute charts for RIMM, GOOG, APPL and QCOM and monitor the VXN crosses. When we get multiple crosses in these Qs components, the likelihood of a similar cross in the Qs is extremely high. So, watch the stocks, trade the ETF.......just another risk management approach.

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