Monday, August 24, 2009

The Opening Range Fibs

Here's a quick look at another overlay that I frequently use when I'm looking for intraday trade confirmations. As I mentioned previously, I find Monday's the most difficult day of the week to daytrade as positions get rebalanced from Friday's close and, especially after expiration Friday, things can get a bit squirrelly as called positions get reset.
In the spirit of Mark Fisher's The Logical Trader I wait for the first hour and then run fib lines from the current low to high. The fibs help sort out the odds for momentum moves when the pivots have not been hit and can support breakout/breakdown moves from the pivots.
In today's scenario the first hour range defined by the white vertical line set the 0% line fib about 30% above the PP pivot.
#1. . at 11:18 the parabolics fire SELL off both the R1 and 100% fib line.
#2. . the NYAD also fires a parabolics SELL
#3. . the MAs slope of both the Qs and the NYAD continue downslope
#4. . Qs reach and breach the 0% fib line, BUT ARE STILL 30% ABOVE PP.
#5. . With the NYAD still downslope, this is my confirmation to stay the trade and not cut and run.
#6. . Qs barely kiss the PP at 13:30 (not shown) and I'm out of the trade.
In summary, a smooth trade with a clear short entry and an exit at the target pivot. A $.38 move in 132 minutes. . . longer than I like to be exposed, but it looked like a trend day and the odds favored riding it for a while.


wei-hau said...

Please let me know the setting of PP's for 2 minute chart and 5 minute chart.


bzbtrader said...

I'm not quite sure what your question is. If you want to know the value of the pivots, the Schwab platform shown here and most other platforms automatically calculate daily pivots and display on the platform. If your platform doesn't do that you can go to:
and enter daily, weekly or other time range data to produce pivot values.
Hope that helps.