Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend pulse

Here's Friday's closing ETF heatmap for a quick thumbnail sketch of what's hot and what's not
going into the weekend. This is a useful tool provided free, courtesy of NASDAQ and they also have premarket heatmaps that can help traders gauge the opening tone. Updated every minute.
My beloved Qs are showing their true color by finishing bottom row, 3rd to last.
A post by Big Picture suggests banks have bottomed, but the warm, fuzzy feeling I have about the XLF ended when I closed my long calls Friday. With a slew of banks reporting this week, including a few on near term death watch, like WM, there might be some ugly surprises in store. Although C surged Friday on earnings that weren't as bad as anticipated, that backhanded logic might wear thin this week if repeated enough times. Keep an eye on RKH.

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