Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pivot envy

I was gone for most of the day, hitting the ball around the links and managed to card a respectable 83 at Woods Valley. Not bad for an old guy. The temp was 81 when we started at 10:30 and 99 when we finished at 2 pm. Whooee! That was pushing the heatometer.
Oh yeah, the markets. Almost forgot. I said I'd be playing it light this week and my preference for golf over trading is showing through.
I keep yakking about the power of pivots for guiding intraday support and resistance targets, and today's action was a walking testimonial for that argument.
It just doesn't get much better than this as the pivots started the day by collapsing to S1. . .
Followed by a failed rally (see yesterday's post and squat bar comment)
Then a plunge through S1 at 9:50
Which increased the probability of a decline to S2
Then a quick kick off S2 10:05-10:10
Which increased the probability of a pop up to S1
But the solid, big volume break through S1 at 11:00-11:05 argued for a continued pop to PP.
The low volume pullback S1 probably shook out the S1 stops,
But the big volume wide range bar at 11:50 was a sure signal to get long or get long again.
The Qs dithered around the PP for most of the afternoon session before the breakout at (no surprise) 14:30, when it ran up to R1 on unimpressive volume before retracing down to PP, and then, on a big volume bar dropping through PP to end 38% below PP for the day.
I won't delve into the correlation between the pivots and the parabolics, but a cursory study of this chart will show how these powerful indicators work in sync and why daytraders should monitor them throughout the day. . .

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