Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Qs VIX Advantage

This is a Qs application of the VIX % Advantage system that I posted back in August.
Let me just say at the outset that my intent on exploring this variation is for use as a timing indicator, not a trading vehicle. The original SPY based study and the subsequent Topticker post focused on whether use of a simple reversal system like the Double 3s made use of the VIX change study irrelevant.
Those who have followed me for a while know that I like non-correlated system confirmation of my trading signals, both daytrading and swing trading, and the VIX Ad applied to the Qs provides a 10-12% confirmation edge that can't otherwise be attained by using the Double 3s (for example) by itself.
Since the goal of the system is not as a trading system per se I've turned off the MarketPosition=0 condition to create a timing model that more closely resembles a stop and reverse system.
Optimized inputs for the Qs are 3,2,4.
Worth adding to your Qs trading arsenal IMHO.

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