Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dynamic Ticker

As a follow-up to yesterday post here's the Schwab dynamic ticker in action. Also shown on the left is one of the 4 setup menus. The set up menu time frame indicates 1 minute, but the ticker ebbs and flows on a tick by tick basis and as a result any turns in market momentum are immediately obvious.
You can set up a number of watch lists for the ticker to monitor or, if you've got spare screen space, you can set up several of these tickers to run concurrently.
Some traders are data stream oriented but my brain is hard-wired to work off pattern recognition so keeping a couple of these little nuggets tucked away on one of my monitors and setting them to track the GE PDQ Dashboard components or the Qs PDQ Dashboard components is like having a good buddy looking over my shoulder while I trade.
Other platforms may have features similar to the dynamic ticker, you should check on yours.
BTW, after a few exchanges with my trading buddy The Clueless One over the weekend I've modified the 3 FreeStockCharts on the right blog panel to be in sync on 2 minute bars. Also, keep in mind that the Qs (top) chart is not a VIXEN setup while the lower (GE) chart is.

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