Friday, November 20, 2009


Here's another example of the VIXEN setup, this time using the Qs as the underlying. With the NYAD in a VERY slow ascent (.09 total rise) as of one hour pre close, there were still a few bucks to be pulled out of the Qs using the VIXEN.
I'm not showing the NYAD chart today as the % change was so small as to be barely noticeable and effectively untradeable.
Although these 5 trades only netted $ .11, .16, .12, .11 and .06 respectively, the total gain over a 4 hour span was $.56 (- commissions), a respectable return IMHO considering the total range of the Qs is currently $.75.
The VIXEN produced a very nice ride from 11:00 to 12:30, and when that trade reversed it looked like the 11:00 lows might be revisited. The turn at 13:30 demonstrates the utility of confirming signals as the parabolics fired a BUY (or cover) and the 3 MAs turned upslope.
Readers who clued in on the SMA8 high and low channel that I mentioned earlier can also see how the channel crosses helped signal trend change.


Jeff Pietsch CFA said...

I like the monkeys. I may resemble one of them. Best, J

bzbtrader said...

Now an endangered species, these are orangutans, regarded as the smartest and gentlest of the great ape family. A real hoot to spend any time around.