Tuesday, February 23, 2010

VIX Teeters

A quick look at Monday's closing stats for my Indices watchlist brings up two items of note: first, DIA continues to show weakness relative to SPY and IWM and second, per my hesitation to go Long VXX in Monday's posts, both VIX and VXX declined along with the SPY, DIA and Qs. It's unusual to see this type of alignment and VXX recorded a new all time low Monday at 26.42. Looking more and more like a imminent reversal, the BZQ2 and 10 displayed a double negative at Monday's close.

The XLF has moved up to rank #1 in the Rotator sort. A considerable part of that strength can probably be traced to the recent positive momentum of BAC, and XLF looks like it still has room to move up as it currently sits on the mean of the LR30 channel and the midline of longer term support (14.00) and resistance (15.35). All Long XLF bets are off however should the VIX/VXX
come alive and usher the markets down.

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