Monday, March 01, 2010

MLR Rotator & BZX

The Friday EOD update of the MLR Rotator has TLT once again in slot #1 after showing impressive gains on Friday. Keep in mind that the model is based on 2 day bars so the daily chart sometimes doesn't do justice to the actual slope of the MLR (6 period moving linear regression). I've expanded the column metrics with one more value . . that is the 5 day trend, which is shown abbreviated as "5 day". This metric should help put into perspective the relative proximity of the current ranking within a 5 day window of time.

I've also been fiddling with the previous XLF component Rotator and have added a few related ETFs into the mix in an effort to better discern likely momentum patterns. New to the XLF (now Financials) model are KBE (regional banks), KIE (insurance), TLT (20 year bonds) and SKF (ultra short financials). All ETFs have good daily volume and narrow spreads making them viable daytrading and/or short term swing trading candidates.
Interestingly, TLT pops up in slot #1 for the Financials rotator also.

On the blog right panel I have added the BZX2, which is my means of tracking intraday beta.
This chart in intended to serve as an adjunct to the VIXEN layout and is designed to help forecast short term market momentum from a somewhat unorthodox perspective.

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