Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Future

A few odds and ends here. This month's (August) edition of Futures magazine has some great reads and regular readers know this is a freebie so hop over and check out a unique technical setup to catching falling knives and a top-down approach to selecting high probability ETFs on a rotational basis by Deron Wagner. I'd like to say Mr. Wagner stole this methodology from Jeff and I but I'll just say that great minds think alike. How's that for humble modesty?

A few days ago I mentioned the ETF-aX algorithm that BofA was touting and it's actually taken me 3 hours of phone time to locate Michael J. Lynch, who appears to more elusive than the Scarlet Pimpernel. 3 calls to BofA help centers produced nothing but blank stares and mumbling that they knew nothing about Mr. Lynch or ETF-aX. Sometimes a company can get too big for its britches and BofA appears to be living proof. Love the stock, hate the help centers.
The ETF-aX algo is actually a new product of the GES division described below. And, as you can see they provide a suite of tools and services to make you competitive (and well hidden) in the global markets. This, of course, means that you Mr. Retail Trader are going to find it harder and harder to make money in the daytrading arena. This is state of the art trading and as ETF Prophet evolves one of our goals is to offer our subscribers access to some of these programs in concert with Total Trader platform.

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