Friday, July 30, 2010

My New Home

As part of my new residence at the ETF Prophet I've been thinking about another move . . . .
Many ETF Rewind followers know that Jeff lives on a remote island in the middle of the Straits of Juan DeFuca and Puget Sound and runs his advisory service from there. Although Jeff cannot see Russia from his back door and must reach the mainland via ferry, private yacht or seaplane, as a gentlemen alpaca rancher he enjoys a bucolic if somewhat sheltered life.
Taking his lead I'm considering relocating to a more safe and sane location and I can share a recent picture of what the new BZB Trader command center might look like. This waterfront residence has the charm of lapping waves against the shore, and the appeal of isolation, lack of drop-in traffic and other distractions. While this lifestyle may not appeal to everyone, you have to envy the low commute time to work, privacy and scarcity of noisy and nosey neighbors. I know my golf game would suffer immeasurably, but such is the price of paradise.

Following the lead of Gov. Palin I would also plan on aggressively lobbying my local congressmen to sponsor a government grant to build a bridge to the island at an estimated cost of $12o million. We can only hope that scheme would be successful as it would will greatly facilitate occasional visits of my readers and in-laws while at the same time expediting my weekly excursions for provisions.

Y'all could drop by any time.


jgpietsch said...

Sign me up!

The Average Jay said...

Nice house.

Cucca said...

Hell, I already live there, it's called Beaver, Utah, hahahahahaha!
Good luck with the new site!