Thursday, February 28, 2008

Qs consolidate

Qs trading today was notable for the lack of pivot hits. Today's volume was almost identical to yesterday's so no tell there, but considering that both the open and the close were dead on the PP and yesterday's high provided heavy overhead resistance, we're likely to see some short term weakness coming in. As tomorrow is Friday, that will only contribute to the bear weighting. Afterhours, Dell is down .50 and the Qs, presumably in sympathy, are also off to S1. . so the probability of a weak open tomorrow is high.
I've noted before that when the Qs fail to hit at least the first level of pivots (R1 or S1) (inside day behavior) the pivots inevitably get hit the next day. For intraday traders these pivots provide a good baseline target once initial momentum is identified.

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