Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ultra Shorts

This is a follow up to this week's posts on the XLF, QQQQ and XLB. I was paging through the latest issue of FUTURES magazine and noticed a full page ad from Proshares listing 35 ultra short ETFs they now offer. Some of the ETFs have pretty thin volume and, as a result have .10-.15 spreads. The X2 short SMN (basic materials) on the other hand, has a .01 spread and trades .5M shares a day, as opposed to 10,000 daily shares a year ago. The X2 short DUG (oil and gas) currently trades 3-4M/day on penny spreads. A year ago it was trading 5,000 shares a day. Check out the full list and particulars at . . . they've got something for every market, including China, Japan and the usual index suspects.

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