Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday recap

Qs regressed today with below 10 day MA volume (102M). I missed the fun at the open as I was dealing with a leaking water heater. The real action came with the completion of the double top at 12:45 and the failure to penetrate the R1 resistance. With the parabolics on a sell and the 10/20 MA on a cross, I went short the Qs with the PP as a likely target.(13:10 at 46.20). By 14:30 the Qs hit the PP target and with 2 dojis and a parabolic BUY at 14:50 I closed the trade dead on the pivot at 45.88).
Net time in trade: 100 minutes
Gain: .38
Not my best trade and like last week I let the parabolics wash me out when I would have made more $ by following the 10/20 MA.
Hey . . . it's a learning process!
Sloof - hope you scrapped a few bucks out those long calls today.

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