Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Some very interesting articles in this month's SFO highlighting the nuances of trend trading versus range trading. The always fascinating George Pruitt also offers some critical perspectives on trend system trading. George is research director for Futures Truth magazine, a must read for systems traders and developers. Check out their top 10 lists (free) on the website, which provides a quick reality check on what mechanical trading systems can and cannot do.
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bzbtrader said...

I have no knowledge or $ interest in the above EBAY offering. It may be hot air or it may be a great product. Caveat emptor! There are lots of mechanical systems offered by many different vendors. My recommendation is per my SFO post today: check before investing any money in a system and at a minimum learn the system drawdown, the equity curve and the capital requirements. Curve fitting can make any trading system look fantastic. . till you actually put it to work.