Thursday, December 11, 2008

GE scalps

Two nice GE/NYAD setups yesterday that illustrate GE's penchant for sticking to the pivots, as GE swung picture perfect between PP and R1.
The first trade kicked off at 10:30 with a parabolic confirmation with GE having diverged from a rapidly ascending NYAD for the preceding 30 minutes. With the NYAD turning positive again at 11:00 after a 30 minute pullback, I'm encouraged to stick with the GE trade until 11:20, when the parabolics fire a SELL signal and both GE and the NYAD turn down in tandem.
Net time in trade= 44 minutes. Trade gain = 17.86 - 18.15 = .29
The second setup fires a SELL at 12:20, again confirmed by the parabolics, although that first reversal bar to the downside is a whopper. The continued downslope NYAD then carries GE back to the PP pivot at 13:00, accompanied by a parabolic COVER signal as both GE and the NYAD reverse up.
Net time in trade = 40 minutes. Trade gain = 18.37 - 18.02 = .35
Total exposure of the 2 trades = 84 minutes for a total gain of .64. This is a little less that the typical .01/minute that these scalps have been averaging . . . but you can only get what the market offers and make the best of it.

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