Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tuesday bounce

If you're underwater for the year, your're not alone. Of the 11,585 stock mutual funds tracked by Morningstar, 11.584 have lost money this year. The sole exception is APX MidcapGrowth Fund, which so far this year has returned a stellar return of 0 percent.
Why anybody would want to own a mutual fund, burdened by end of day selling/buying restrictions, load fees and documented manipulation is beyond me when there are over 800 ETFs covering almost every imaginable market and that allow intraday trading and price transparency.
Here's an update of the NDX A50 and A200. Just in case you thought the markets were gaining some traction, check back to my Nov. 15th post of the same charts.
A50 AROON is on a BUY, A200 AROON is on a SELL.

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