Tuesday, June 09, 2009

10 M Template Update

This is a little update to my FreeStockCharts 10 minute bar chart (also applicable to other time frames, especially 5 and 30 minute bars).
I've put the actual Detrend Oscillator (30) in shadow mode (same as the MACD histogram) to minimize clutter on the lower technical panel.
The MA 3 and 7s sit on top of the MACD histogram.
The Time Series Forecast (10,2), which is actually a forward looking linear regression and the Lin Reg (7) sit on top of the Detrend Oscillator.
Note how the Lin Reg (7) applied to the price displays differently than the Lin Reg (7) applied to the Detrend (upper and lower orange ellipses). I find it's handy to use this setup to detect early turns in price and momentum that might otherwise not be apparent.
I'm continuing to explore for a moderately reliable overnight tell, and recent tests using this template as a core component reinforce its usefulness for a soon to be announced Overnight Open Predictor Signal (OOPS).


klynn55 said...

whatever happened to the 7/14 ma slope(30 minute chart) EOD as a predictor for the opening first hour?

bzbtrader said...

As I mentioned, this is a work in progress. My main focus is trading and research takes second fiddle. I continue to explore setups and indicators before I deploy serious money on the OOPS.
My current model uses a combination of 5, 10 and 30 minute bars based on today's template. I've found during the course of my explorations that a 3/7 MA combination works better than a 7/14 when used in laid on top of the MACD.
Thanks for the comment.