Thursday, June 18, 2009

Soggy Bottom

Here's a variation of my hairy bottom formation. . .something I'll call the Soggy Bottom in honor of the immortal Soggy Bottom Boys bluegrass band as portrayed in the movie O Brother Where Art Thou? The pattern sets up like the hairy bottom, the difference is the relative position next to the support pivot. In the hairy bottom, the pattern sits right on the pivot and tends to form a kind of squat bar for 4-8 2 minute bars.
In the example shown The Qs flash 4 bars in an ascending pattern, followed by a simultaneous parabolic BUY on both the NYAD and the Qs. The MA bull cross on the Qs is a confirmation that the odds are now favoring a run up.
Then, at 10:24 the Qs and the NYAD fire simultaneous SELL (or cover) signals as the Qs MAs roll over and the NYAD MACDs go downslope. These confirming signals reinforce the new short stance.
Finally, at 11:00, The Qs and NYAD parabolics again fire simultaneously BUY (or cover) signals as the NYAD MACDs turn upslope and the Qs start a run back up to the PP pivot. . . although I don't like the divergence of the MAs and MACDs on the Qs and decide to stay flat at this point.
A nice little cycle trade of 90 minutes duration with a .27 gain on the first leg and .11 on the second for a net gain of .38.

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