Thursday, June 04, 2009

Surfing the Qs Wave

Here's the FreeStockCharts (FSC) template I use for monitoring hourly bars on the Qs and a few other equities. All the settings are clearly visible if you click and enlarge the file.
In contrast to the Detrend studies I've posted over the previous 2 days this Detrend indicator is set to 30 and the Time Series Forecast (yellow line) is actually on top of the Detrend, not the underlying price.
As an aside, using this same template with 10 minute bars produces a very nice tell for forecasting close to open probability. This has been an onging project study and this template provides a quick visual barometer for + - or neutral overnight action.
Unfortunately, I can't replicate this template in Schwab and FSC has no backtesting capabilities so I'm left to try and formulate the template in TradeStation. . . just something more to add to my "to do" list.

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