Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Qs Situation

Here's an update to my ongoing Project Z research. I've added the BZV and the PP+ pivot related indicators along with the Project Z indicator in an effort to see what kind of signal alignment shows up. Project Z fired a Sell signal 4 days ago when the Z value plunged down to the .8 level before starting a slow reversal ascent. Both the BZV2 and the PP+ are currently bullish with the trade only pennies away from a 1/3 ATR cover.
The performance report for the Qs and Project Z are shown below for my typical 16 month floating analysis lookback window. The Long side trades have clearly done very well, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit disappointment with the lagging performance of the Short side trades. Of course the markets have been in a steady up swing for the past year and trading the short side has been more than a little problematic for most traders, but a lesson to be learned here is the old adage, "don't trade against the trend", or if you must, then have a tight stop in place and follow the trading plan.

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