Friday, April 16, 2010

Waiting for Godot

For bears watching the markets over the past year it's been like Waiting for Godot. There is a small possibility that Godot may actually be arriving soon if today's uniformity of market majors and the 4 volatility indices I monitor are any indication. (VIX, VXN, VXX, and QQV)(OK, VXX isn't an index, but an ETN).
Over a month ago our close analysis of the VIX LR30 channel suggested the low 15s as a long term reversal level for the VIX and, although at the time the likelihood of reaching that low level seemed almost an absurdity . . here we are.
Normally the 4Vs and the markets are divergent, as pointed out in yesterday's posting, and in the past when the markets and the 4Vs have aligned at the end of day it's been a good indicator of a coming market reversal, if only for a short time.
Another signal that the markets may be setting up for a dip can be seen in the Strategy Matrix signals of the VXN. I've found that using the VIX or VXN as the Matrix study target produces more reliable forecasts than using the SPY or Qs or DIA, etc.
The Matrix is kind of color blind . . it doesn't care what its analyzing. it just kicks out the long or short signals. And, by almost a 3:1 margin the VXN signals are bullish = market bearish.
A word of caution, however . . We saw a slew of these preliminary reversal patterns during the last 2 weeks of March, only to have the markets embark on a new bull surge in April so it's safest for bears to just hang tough for the present until we do get a solid and confirmed reversal.

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