Monday, April 19, 2010

A Volatility Watchlist

We're seeing a bullish bias going into Tuesday as the financials surged and the GS fallout abated.
On the Indices watchlist I've added the $RVX which now makes 5 volatility markers for the majors including the SPX, NAZ, Qs and IWM as well as the forever dismal VXX ETN.
I decided to add the RVX after several weeks of study which showed the RVX to be a great tell for forecasting IWM strength or weakness relative to the other majors.
The only volatility metric I really care about is the % change and on today's watchlist results you can see that the high percent change value for the RVX corresponded with the poor performance of the IWM.
I've spoken about the VXX before and as it continues it's slow drift to oblivion my only advice is to short the rallies, a tactic that has worked flawlessly for the past year.

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