Thursday, July 05, 2007

VIX, TRIN, Qs and DIA update

Here's 10 minute charts of the past 2 days. Due to record low volumes I'm not sure we can read too much into these but I'm anticipating a short term retracement per Tuesday's post. Gaming is notorious during these periods and daily ranges can be greatly exaggerated by market makers and motivated traders with an agenda so caution is advised. The Qs strength on Tuesday did surprise me including accelerating positive momentum into the close and my August puts are in the red .05.


Cuccaa said...

Hey Biz, nice job! Can you start posting, like every five minutes, so I can be even more lazy than I usually am, hahahahahaha! Nice post on the VIX on that site you referenced on the right side of your site, that's a very good blog. Good luck, what's the water temp at Oceanside, is it up to 70 yet?

bzbtrader said...

Thanks Clueless. Surfs up Dude: 4-6', water @72. If you're in the area be sure to contact me.

Cuccaa said...

FANTASTIC! Like I said, My youngest brother, Steve Hargrave, is the principal at Vista High, he and his son Kyle go surfing all the time, I would bet they are out there now. See ya.