Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Time Perspective

Here are 4 views of the Qs.
Top to bottom: 2 minute, 10 minute, hourly and daily bars.
The same technical settings are applied to each chart and, it should come as no surprise, there's a clear disparity of momentum depending on the time frame.
Negative on 2 minute and daily bars.
Positive on 10 and 60 minute bars.
Those momentum assignments are based on the position of the parabolics, the LR7 and the TSF10+2 indicator on each chart.
In the coming days we'll monitor the performance of the Qs relative to these indicators to see if a particular view offers a more reliable forecast than others.
My gut feeling is that we haven't seen the lows of this swing cycle yet so I'll be particularly interested if a short term rally develops on Thursday and Friday.


Jay Jay said...

First time on the blog. What plkatform are you using for the charts?


bzbtrader said...

I use Schwab SteetSmartPro as my trading platform and have posted extensively on my screen setups.
I also use for blog posts (as per today), TC2007 and Tradestation. Each vendor has their own unique chart features that I utilize in various ways.
All performance studies such as the Dirty Dozen series (right side of blog)are conducted in TS.