Friday, August 31, 2007

Stock Traders Almanac

I've mentioned the Almanac several times in recent posts and received several e-mails from folks not familiar with it. Published annually for the past 40 years, the almanac provides a wide variety of statistical probability studies of seasonal, daily, hourly, etc. trading patterns on the SP500, Dow and Nasdaq. The typical day in the market trading profile based on 30 minute bars is worth the price of the book alone (p. 139). Some of the longer term expectational analysis setups have not panned out very well lately, but this is a study of probabilities, not certainties, otherwise the price would be a lot higher than $28. The 2008 version will be out in a couple months. or you can pick up a cheapo 2007 copy here that will carry till the end of the year.
This is an FYI post only..... I have no financial interest in this deal.

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