Monday, January 07, 2008

An unconvincing day

We are again seeing divergence in the Q time frames. Currently overbought on the 5 minute and oversold on the daily. The 30 minute sell down that began at 10:00 got a lot of people's attention. With AAPL down over $9 at one point and RIMM close behind, the idea that the whole market might just implode looked like a possibility. The fact that the Qs managed to rally back to the open price was encouraging, but I was unconvinced. The ensuing sell down from 13:00 down to the last 20 minutes looked like we were in for a pitiful close, but the late buying surge brought the Qs out of the woods. Interestingly, the Qs failed to kiss the pivots, either up or down, and I'm unsure what significance to attach. Premium got sucked out of both the puts and calls at the open, and I closed my Friday longs 10 minutes in, staying flat for the majority of the day and then selling near OTM puts at 15.25 and .03 off the low. The position at the close was .06 to the good, but if things get hairy tomorrow, I'll exit and wait for the next setup.

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sysin3 said...

haha, you're on your own ;-)

I'll note, post facto, that 47.50 was midpoint S1 - S2.

Just thinking that wide-range days, like Friday, might bring the midpointe more into play. Just a thought, at this time.