Friday, May 14, 2010

GLD Rolls On

Yesterday's Strategy Matrix (SM) neutral view of GLD turned out to be a bit understated. Good news . . the SM kicked us out of our Longs, but didn't generate a negative GLD signal as it did as of Thursday's close.
Keep in mind the Rotator is based on 2 day bars so there is an inherent lag when signals reverse. This is the latest iteration of the Rotator with several of the metrics color coded to reflect positive/negative skew. One problem with the column headings is that they must be expanded to clearly see so I've provided a reference key below to aid in understanding the descriptors.
On the Majors Rotator (above) GLD is still in rank #1 reflecting the 2 day lag noted above.
I've shown the chart for TLT since this is really the first equity on the ranking scale that can actually be purchased. SH is, of course the short ETF for SPY . . note the betas and % change of SH and SPY, so SH is a metrically correct SPY short.

On the currencies Rotator the UUP is continuing it's breakout run. The next relatively attractive situation is FXA which is displaying a little momentum run. FXA's rank is far down in the sort values which will become readily apparent if you look at the FXA chart . . it's in the process of recovering from a significant fall off the LR30 channel and is, truth be told, a long shot Long.

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