Sunday, May 16, 2010

Monday Outlook

These are the Rotators as of Friday's close. GLD just doesn't want to give up that #1 slot although TLT has been the recent star (this discounts the SH which, as I mentioned last week, is just the inverse of SPY).
Interestingly TLT has a beta of -.06 while SH has a beta of -.96 and yet TLT's % price change was almost equal to SH on Friday. The momentum edge of TLT is further accentuated by the next 2 metrics . . 5 day price trend and MoneyStream surge. Giddyap go TLT!!

On the currency front UUP continues to blaze a hot trail closely mirrored by NEM, our recent currency proxy addition. GLD looks like it weakening at first glance, which is why it's important to keep in mind that NEM's beta is .60, while GLD's is .10. Gld has only 1/2 of NEM's price volatility but reflected a price trend 50% higher than NEM so we best to not count it out yet.
To facilitate the understanding of these Rotator models I've added a menu of the metrics columns on the right side of the blog. I also removed the Qs real time 2 minute chart and have added back the full market 2 minute real time prognosticator.

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