Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hedge Fund Favs - part 2

This is the first followup to yesterday's post of hedge funds' favorite stocks. These are the recent additions. The metric columns include the P/C (put/cal ratio), DivA (dividends . . expressed as $, not %) and SER (Schwab Equity Rating . . a subjective attractiveness index measuring stability and risk).
Note that my old friend XRX is the only SER A rated stock. NWSA is the only B rated stock. AGO, which is rated D (which generally mean "avoid"), is actually one of the more optimistic looking charts on both daily and weekly bars. You can check out other charts at your leisure. Four of the watchlist have daily volume less than 1 M, which is a bit odd for fund favorites, but 6 of the lot have daily volume over 2.5 million which makes them attractive day trading candidates with my setups.
KFT is the only stock with even remotely interesting dividends, but I'll just mentioned from my own experience that KFT is a great day trading stock. The current ATR is .80, which reflects the current VIX situation. For most of 2010 the ATR has been more like .40. Just for comparison, The Qs (at an average of $45), had an ATR of .50 so, perhaps surprisingly, KFT actually has a higher relative ATR.

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